Kathy Boyd Fellure - Novelist and Children's Author
Novelist ~ The Language of the Lake ~ released 2018

Member of ACFW and California Writers Club.
Founder of Amador Fiction Writers
Host of an annual literary read.

Author of the four Blake Sisters, Lake Tahoe Illustrated Children's Story Books.

Novelist ~ The Tahoe Trilogy, Across the Pond, and WIP ~ Harper House.

Three year TSPN TV writer, producer, and host of: Authors, Writers, Books and Beyond.

Photographer, reader, lover of antique people, books, cars, furniture, letters, and gardening tools.
Taker of a strong cup of tea with kindred spirits.
Daughter, sister, wife, mumsie, grandmum, auntie, friend, neighbor, teacher, dog lover/walker, and hula-hooper.
Beloved daughter of the King of Kings.
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                  Welcome to my Homepage
If you were walking through the front door of my home, this is where I would greet you with a warm welcome. Shalom.
I live in Amador County of the Sierra Nevada Foothills in California, not too far from where I grew up. Here we call it, God's country.
My husband Joe, son Matthew and daughter Jenny share our cozy home with two doggies ~ Maxie, young brindle boxer/German short hair mix & Jacob, a 100 lb middle-aged Black Labrador/Newfoundland Retriever mix who thinks he is a 10 lb lap dog.
Books overflow shelves in every room of our home. Vintage typewriters and modern computers share desk space, and the animals sometimes take over. It is but a momentary revolt easily quelled with biscuits, a romp in our oak tree studded backyard, and a good scratch behind the ears. Man and best friend live together peaceably near the Shenandoah Valley wineries steeped in the rich history that surrounds our abode.
                                                                         Following in His Footsteps        
My heart leads where my feet wander or intentionally travel during my lifetime, always one step behind my Shepherd. 
I've ventured to many different places ~ Mexico, Canada, England. My husband and I made a cross-country trip with our two young sons before we moved to England.
As we made our way across the United States heading out from Sacramento, California, we encountered a blizzard after spending our first night in Salt Lake City, Utah. We made it to Laramie, Wyoming, spent another night snowed in, before forging ahead to Bellevue, Nebraska where we were stranded for the three days. Visibility was sub-zero.
We plowed through the next day and night, just ahead of the storm all the way through Iowa, Illinois and Indiana,to East Liverpool, Ohio. A path of safety cleared ahead for us.
After leaving Ohio, I traveled throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York and Vermont before the boys and I joined my husband, who had journeyed on overseas ahead of us.  Nothing on this trip went as planned, absolutely not a single thing. But God was in control every step of the way.
Life is full of surprises, it is what you do with them that matters. I always have a tablet of paper, pen, pencil, or a lipstick if there isn't anything else to jot down whatever a seemingly mundane moment transforms into in the blink of an eye.
There is a story somewhere in the mix, dancing across a tightrope, holding an umbrella with one hand while balancing a prickly pineapple with the other. Barefoot in the sand or laced-up in hiking boots trudging through snow pack, the pacing of each step counts.
If you don't find the story, the story will find you wherever you go. It is His story and it is retold over and over again. Centuries echo His name, the rocks cry out, the earth bears witness as does all of creation.
                                                He rules in the beauty of His holiness.          
                       Nothing on my journey would have meaning or purpose without my Savior.    
                       "Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established."
                                                                 -Proverbs 12:3                                                   

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