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       When the Birdies Came to Tea
By Kathy Boyd Fellure
By Kathleen Flanagan Kresa

             ISBN 978-055-762688-5

                ISBN 978-0-557-48752-3
An enchanting story about two sisters who are
the same age one week every year,
celebrating their birthdays in a most unusal way.
Nana has planned a tea party and Katie is certain 
a terrible calamity is about to befall her and
Susannah, her unsuspecting sibling.
Will Nana or Papa be able to help Katie as
 she tries to discover the Cavendish brothers caper
before they ruin the sisters birthdays?
Nana seems to know but she isn't telling, Why? 
  Join the two oldest Bake sisters on their first
summer adventure at their grandparents Lake Tahoe,
California cabin.
Beautifully illustrated by Kathleen Flanagan Kresa,
capturing the breathtaking majesty of Tahoe and the
innocence of childhood.
                                              © Kathleen Flanagan Kresa



         Mr. Snowman Ate Our Picnic Lunch
Go on a red rubber boot romp
through the snow with two
sisters on a winter wonderland adventure.             
©Kathy Boyd Fellure
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Mr. Snowman Ate Our Picnic Lunch ~
ISBN 978-0-557-79684-7
 Mr. Snowman Ate Our Picnic Lunch
The littlest Blake sisters, Sharon and Kelsey, are upset about being left behind at their grandparents cabin when their parents and four older sisters go skiing at Squaw Valley.
After finishing a yummy cup of hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies, Papa suggests the girls build their first snowman. Nana packs a picnic lunch that disappears and Sharon is certain the snowman has eaten the sandwiches. Kelsey thinks her sister is being silly. Maybe the mama deer and her fawn or the bunny under the Thimbleberry bush ate the lunch?
                                                  What do you think?



Mr. Snowman Illustrations © Donna Plant
Illustrator, Donna Plant is a self-taught artist whose earliest art concentrated on portraits in addition to human and animal life. Because of her love for the ocean, she later mastered seascapes and worked toward gaining skills in painting flowers ans still life. Donna is now a  well-rounded realistic artist skilled in oils, acrylics and pastels.    rtst@att.net       

               Nana's Tin of Buttons

                                                            ISBN 978-145-836954-3

Nana's Tin of Buttons is the 4th book in the Blake Sisters Adventure Illustrated
Story Book Series. This is the spring book with the Wildflowers of Tahoe in the back
for teaching and learning purposes.
All six sisters are visiting their Nana and Papa's Lake Tahoe cabin, waiting for the new baby to be born. Will they have a new brother or another sister? How long will it take?
How will they pass time on a rainy Tahoe day when they have to stay inside?
Nana brings out her tin of buttons and wants to teach the girls how to make necklaces.
The girls aren't interested until she tells them the stories behind the buttons in the tin.
Papa wants to go for a drive around the lake, if the weather ever clears up.
Where would you want to go if you were at Lake Tahoe ~ Fanny Bridge, Kings Beach?
Join Susannah, Katie, Marsha, Becky, Kelsey and Sharon on their spring adventure!


Book cover, Commons Beach page, The sisters
making button necklaces, Dad as a little boy in
a yellow rain slicker, cluster of buttons, and
Becky landing in Sand Harbor.
illustrations ~ © Donna Plant.


       Bear Cub Adventure
                                                           ISBN 978-175-798896-9
Bear Cub Adventure is the 3rd book in the Blake Sisters Lake Tahoe Adventure Illustrated Story Book Series. This is the autumn book with the Critters and Fish of Tahoe page in the back for teaching and learning purposes.
The middle sisters, Becky and Marsha, are going on a camping trip, alone with their parents! Sugar Pine Point State Park, here they come!
The girls have dreams of campfires glowing, roasting hot dogs and making S'mores, hiking, fishing, canoeing...
Disaster strikes when the Stinky Boy Cavendish brothers show up just in time for the morning hike. What was the point of leaving their four sisters behind at the cabin if their parents invited the neighbors?
George and Robby are trying to earn a Cub Scout hiking badge and they have a compass!
The girls are working to earn Brownie badges and they don't have a compass.
Hike along and meet the Tahoe critters living in the forest on the trail ~raccoons, porcupines, beavers, squirrels, and a Mama bear and her cub.
What can the girls do to make sure the boys don't tag along when they go fishing in General Creek or canoeing on the lake?
A wise owl hoots answers in the tree at night above the sisters tent and their parents have a surprise solution.

Porcupine, Beaver, Mama bear & cub,
Book cover, Gone Fishing,
Blake Sisters and 'The Stinky Boys"
Illustrations  ©  Donna Plant                           



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