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        When the Birdies Came to Tea
Blaiklee Branich, age 6 ~ "I loved When the Birdies Came to Tea
because they loved their Grandmaw and Papa and the birdies."
The Rodriguez Grandchildren ~
Stephanie, age 12 ~ "I liked the pictures, the teacup and the color of the birds. The story has meaningful words, well planned out."
Carlos, age 10 ~ "It was funny. I thought the boys would throw more pinecones. Not happy the girls might have to give the invited 'friends' presents."
Jorge, age 5 ~ "I like the Papa's tool belt. I liked the pictures when they had the tea party."
Friends of the Rodriguez children visiting from the San Francisco bay area ~
Evelyn, age 10 ~ "I like that you added a lot of details about the 
birds. I liked the apron."
Annie, age 7 ~ "I liked the pictures and when the girl wakes up her sister in the story."
Ophir Vellenowith ~ "Your book is so delightful. My wife, Pat, and I have each read it more than once, and no doubt will do so again many times in the future. It is refreshing, relaxing, and exquisitely prepared.
 I am ordering another of your delightful books for my older sister who is not in very good health. I will have it delivered to her address in Longwood, Florida for her birthday which is
          5-star rating 10/10/2010
 Mr. Snowman Ate Our Picnic Lunch
Ellie Natalie, age 9 ~ "My name is Ellie and I am nine years old.
My mom and dad read to me and my sister. In December they read us Christmas books. Last night my mom read us Mr.
Snowman, it isn't excatly a Christmas Book, but it is a very
cozy winter book. I really liked this book because it is about 2
sisters spending time with their grandparents and we go to Lake
Tahoe with our Nana, so this book feels special to me. If you have a little sister like I do, I think she would enjoy it if you read it to her."
5-star Barnes & Noble rating 12/21/2011
Torilea62 ~ Enchanting! A wonderful book for children.
This is a terrific story for both the young and old at heart. Perfect for parents and grand-parents to read to their children. The reader and listener will feel the magic of building snowmen
and sharing hot cocoa and cookies with childlike abandon. Who
knows, maybe it will inspire us to create similar memories with our children for us to treasure in our hearts. Truly a timeless story of innocence and joy.  ~5-star B&N rating.
JennyPenny9 ~ A Must Read for the Young and Young at Heart!
Young children (5-years and younger) will enjoy this story of fun and a little mystery set in Lake Tahoe, CA. Beautiful illustrations amplify the enchanting setting and retro era. Images and words take children back to a simple time where building a snowman trumped ipods, gaming systems, and movies.
 I recommend this book for all parents, teachers, kids, and the young at heart.
 ~ 5-star B&N rating