Kathy Boyd Fellure - Novelist and Children's Author
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A love for photography stirred within me as a child. My Papa captured our family's legacy on reels of film, slides, in black & white and Kodachrome. My grandparents sent my first camera, a Minolta, when they briefly lived in Viet Nam in the early 1960's.
My mother's Kodak Brownie was a hand-me-down that changed the course of my life. Looking down into the view screen, I discovered a world I could capture and preserve from many different angles.
Then in the late 1960's, my father gave me the birthday present of my dreams ~ a Polaroid Swinger. Instantly developed film! "Meet the Swinger, the Polaroid Swinger. It's not just a camera, it's almost alive ~ for only $19 and 95.  I was in love...
A succession of Kodak instamatics followed until I bought my own 110 film, not my favorite, the negatives were just too small.
I inherited my Papa's Nikon F, the one he brought back from  the Far East for himself. A gift from my Nana after Papa passed away. I could take pictures of my own children with the same camera my grandfather had photographed my sisters and my life story. 35mm film rolled around every drawer, cubby, and the vegetable bin in my refrigerator, reserved strictly for my film.
The world of digital photography has changed everything.
The eye of a photographer is like a thumb print. I believe we look through the camera lens and a world of infinite angles and unique beauty invites the person on the other side, in.
The pictures in the slide show offer a glimpse into how I see the world.
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