Kathy Boyd Fellure - Novelist and Children's Author
I selected songs to play while I wrote my first novel.
As I listened to the melodies the characters came to life. All my working chapter titles are song titles, so it was easy to imagine a possible soundtrack should the book go to film..
Since the Language novel starts in the year 1995 and drifts back to the 1920's, there is a wide variety of music woven into the story..
Below are some of my favorite songs by singer/composer, Rachel Wagner. I met her through my "Bookies" book club. Her music was the final addition to my musical list.
Who knows, perhaps Rachel might be asked to write the soundtrack one day.
** © Untold, courtesy of and with permission from, Rachel Wagner
* © Art cover by Tonia Colleen Martin

As long as secrets remain untold, Emily carries an increasing burden.
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Rachel Wagner -- Untold
Untold -- from Rachel Wagner's album UntoldFold it up, fold it in, tuck it away and then No one will ever know And the truth is alone in your pocket of stone And your hands are so cold B...
Truth brings change no matter how hard Emily tries to blame Jack. And there are consequences....
** © I Won't Be the One, with permission from Rachel Wagner.

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Rachel Wagner -- I Won't be the One
management@rachelwagner.comrachel@rachelwagner.comRachel Wagner "I Won't Be the One" -- from the Untold album I don't know about unfinished bridges But here I am sitting on the edge My l...