Kathy Boyd Fellure - Novelist and Children's Author

         Harper House

    And one, An English home - gray twilight pour'd
                On dewy pastures, dewy trees,
   Softer than sleep - all things in order stored,
                A haunt of ancient Peace.
                       - Alfred Tennyson

     American Quinn Huntington travels to London, England to accept an inheritance left to her from her Uncle Garth, her mother's brother.
     Harper House ~ 14 Abbot Place on Millrose Hill, on the outskirts of London, Working, Surrey.
     There is one condition. Quinn must take residence in the manor for one year, without returning to the United States.

     Sounds simple enough.
     With a languishing heart, the house greets the American. The cabbie who transports Quinn to the doorsteps seems to know more about her family history than she does. He makes mention of the recent spot and polish clean-up of the long neglected dwelling. He remarks about her ginger hair. He has many questions she has no idea how to answer.

     Soon after her ride from Heathrow Airport suddenly zooms off, her estate agent, Richard Oliver arrives. He also asks questions. Which she chooses not to answer.

     Quinn decides to find answers on her own. She longs to know more about her mother's first husband, a decorated RAF pilot who went down in a fiery plane crash not far from the house. No body or bones were ever recovered.

      She walks through the manor, room by room, exploring.

      The house likes this distant relative, this young woman who so resembles her mother. Can she be trusted with the truth? Can she restore Honour?

                                   "This Time I will not fail to protect."